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BVI Work Permit Renewal Form Help - $19.99

Work Permit Renewal applications are completed in less than 7 minutes and then a printable PDF is delivered straight to your email.

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Entertainment applications are completed in less than 5 minutes and then a printable PDF is delivered straight to your email.

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BVI Work Permit Help

It's not unusual to request BVI Work Permit Help. In order to legally work in the British Virgin Islands one must hold a valid BVI Work Permit. BVI Work Permits are issued for a maximum duration of one year. If one is to remain in the territory, they will be required to renew their permit every year they intend to remain employed in the territory.

Although getting a Work Permit Form approved can be a timely and stressful process, most people who have been able to join the BVI community remain in the territory for several years. Around 2/3rds of the BVI work force is expatriate. Many work permit holders from the EU and UK are in the Financial Services or legal field. There is also a strong West Indian and Latin American presence, often placed in the hospitality and tourism sector. The work force in the BVI is very diverse and therefore a strict policy for immigrant workers is in effect.

People from all over the world, move to the BVI for several reasons. There are favourable tax laws, which benefit many people from the EU and UK. These individuals flock to the BVI to take advantage of the tax laws as well as the way of life, living on and island offers. If you have ever dreamed of working in a tropical paradise, the British Virgin Islands will not disappoint.

Select a Permit to prepare

New BVI Work Permit Form

For any foreigner to legally work in the BVI, a Work Permit is required. In order to obtain this permit, you or your employer must submit an application. This form will assist you in correctly preparing a new permit application

Part-Time or Position Change

To apply for a part-time permit or a change of position at your current employer, use this form. In addition to this form, a letter from your employer explaining that you are changing roles or if are granted permission to take on an additional part-time job, will be required.

Emergency BVI Work Permit Form

Use this form to Fast-Track a BVI work permit for a Non-Belonger to work in the Territory for no more than seven days. Labour Department claims to process Emergency Permits within 24 hours, but would suggest you submit a week earlier to be safe. This form is also suitable for Temporary and Entertainment Work Permit applicants who are needed ASAP.

BVI Work Permit Renewal Form

A BVI Work Permit Renewal is a bit faster than applying for a new one. This form assistant will breeze you through the process. If you have previously used this site to fill your form, you can simply update your last one.

Entertainment Work Permit

This permit is required for musical groups, artists and actors who will be working in the British Virgin Islands. Musical groups only require one application form, listing one person as the applicant. Otherwise, an application must be submitted on behalf of each performer or artist.

Self-Employed BVI Work Permit Form

This permit grants a Non-Belonger employment on one’s own behalf. In order someone to hold a Self Employed BVI Work Permit, they require a valid BVI Trade License.

Temporary BVI Work Permit Form

Temporary BVI Work Permits are valid for up to 3 months. If you need faster processing (within 24 hours) and the position is for less than 7 days, fill out the emergency work permit instead.

Periodic Work Permit

A Periodic Work Permit is essentially the same process as a regular new work permit but it is for a shorter period, less than one year, and is not renewable. This form will assist you in correctly preparing a periodic work permit application

Self-Employed BVI Work Permit Renewal Form

The renewal process for a Self Employed BVI Work Permit takes takes less time to fill out forms but takes the same amount of time to process. It also requires renewal of a valid BVI Trade License.

FAQs about BVI Work Permit Form Help

Choosing the correct BVI Work Permit Forms?
There are 9 different applications and thus, a variety of different BVI Work Permits to choose from. In order to apply for a work permit, it is important that you choose the correct application to fill out. Each form on this website contains detailed information in an attempt to properly guide you. The list includes: New BVI Work Permit, BVI Work Permit Renewal Form, Temporary Work Permit, Part-Time or Position Change Work Permit, Entertainment Work Permit, Periodic Work Permit, Emergency Work Permit, Self Employed Work Permit, and finally the Self Employed Permit Renewal.
What is a BVI Work Permit Form?
The most common used BVI Work Permit form is made up of five documents. These are to be completed by both the employee and the employer. These are first schedule, second schedule, notice of employment, additional information and “how may I contact you”. Not all applications require all of the pages mentioned. It is important to follow the checklist of supported document that are required for each permit.

The only application that differs from the above is the self employed permit application. It is much shorter and has a page that asks for information about the staff roles you intend to hire for and the expected compensation you plan to offer. It also asks for information on whether you intend to hire and/or train Belongers, or if you intend to temporarily hire a non-Belonger to train Belongers.

Are there any supporting Documents an applicant must submit with a Work Permit application?
Yes. There is an appropriate checklist for each application included in the downloadable PDF we will send you. The checklist is also visible while you are filling out the form, in the right column of the permit form pages.
Do I need to do anything before filling out an Application?
Yes, first you must be offered a job. Prior to submitting a new work permit application, an employer must take additional measures to ensure that there isn’t a qualified British Virgin Islander, or Belonger to fill the position.
How do I submit my BVI Work Permit Application Form?
At the moment, you, your employer, or a representative must submit an application in person. In addition to submitting the documents, you will be required to pay $50 USD fee (cheque or cash recommended) to the "Accountant General". You will then get a receipt. Keep the receipt, as proof that you submitted the documents, in case they are misplaced.

Eventually, we hope all of this can be done online. The Labour Department tested the concept in 2017 but discontinued the method shortly after.
How long does BVI Work Permit Application approval take?
It varies by permit type and profession/industry. The typical work permit application process can take up to 10 weeks from date of submission. For Emergency Permits or temporary positions the processing time can take as little from 24 hours to 7 business days, depending on which permit application is being submitted.

The approval process also entails obtaining immigration clearance from the BVI Immigration Department. The clearances include criminal background checks from your home country and medical health exams among other entry requirements for BVI Immigration.
Are there different requirements for different BVI Work Permits?
Yes. Each of these applications has specific standards and requirements when submitting to the BVI Labour Department. Pay close attention to the additional documents required when submitting your application. Some required documents are, job descriptions, proof that the job was advertised for two weeks, passport photos, scans of the applicants signature page and many, many, others. Each permit application page on this site, shows the full list of requirements in the right column of the page, or below the form if using a mobile device.
How much does a BVI Work Permit Cost?
BVI work permit fees and costs vary by work permit type and duration. The cost of BVI Work Permits is usually dependant on the salary the employee makes, per year. The only permits that aren't calculated based on a percentage of annual salary are self-employed permits, which carry a flat fee of $575 per year.

Also, for individuals who make over $163,000USD per year, the maximum work permit fee is $10,000USD, as of July 2017.

BVI Labour Department

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Cashier: 8:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Email Address
Direct Telephone: 1 (284) 468-4707

BVI General Operator: 1 (284) 468-3701
This is the preferred method to reach any government department. Kindly ask to be connected to the Labour Department.

Fax: 1 (284) 494-3027 or 1 (284) 468-2570